LifeLine™ :

LifeLine is a health tracking system that uses a bracelet to monitor a person’s heart rate, blood sugar levels, body temperature, and wirelessly sync the users information to their mobile or home PC. LifeLine will creategraphs with the data it collects and encourages the user to stay active by supplying week to week feedback. The bracelet is powered by body heat, by usb cable, or a wireless power pad. All data can be shared via social media using LifeLine’s dedicated app or website to encourage competitive challenges with others.

Feb 2010 Update - I've update the LifeLine concept with 2 new ideas:
1. A daterape drug monitoring system that would vibrate and flash its lights to warn the wearer if the drug were ever consumed. It could also be set to call authorities if this drug is ever taken. (Thanks to Dave Wickland for this idea)

2. A allergie monitoring system for people who have fatal food allergies. For example if a child ingests peanuts, LifeLine would vibrate/flash for attention and send the guardian a text message.


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